Wonder Forest

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”

-John Muir

Mile high, endless void right above the clouds, near the stars, struggling for every breath as the trail gets stepper. This could sum my experience on “Stara Planina” but story goes on. First impression was breathtaking, “only” 5 hours from my urban core we were in the place from fairy tales. It was pitch black, no street lights, no movement, nobody around – just deafening SILENCE!!!. Next morning early bird the hike begins after about 2 hours of off road ride. Magical forest, high trees, smell of fresh grass and pollen was in the air. The climb was step thru old path that someone paved long before us thru thick vegetation. After few hours we were amazed by the roaring waterfall which made it all worth.
Right there in middle of the forest were dwarfs and giants lurk. Next day the adventure continues – target “Babin Zub” at 1756 m.  This was the good 2 hour hike with stunning views and wild berries all around us to replenish some of the lost energy. Scenery was magnificent, high altitude, mountain peaks, clouds beneath us, scorching sun, the view that makes a man humble in front of mother nature.
This was the exercise for the mind, relaxation for the soul and training for the body. We can hardly wait for new chance to conquer new highs and peaks, next goal is peak “Midžor” who proudly stands tall at 2169 m.

slika 4

slika 31

slika 24

slika 23

slika 18

slika 16

slika 15

slika 12

slika 11

slika 10

slika 9

slika 7slika 6

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slika 39

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slika 44



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  1. Oduzima dah! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an amazing place and photos Maja! I really enjoyed seeing them on Instagram! Nothing can compare with the feeling of being close to nature, especially in such a magical scenery! ❤
    Have a great weekend!


  3. The sceneries are breathtaking and the photos are clear and sharp.



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