Florence, Renaissance paradox

Forget the movies, forget the stories, forget the myths and just open your eyes and enjoy in this paradise with every sense. This is a very special place, a walk in museum, a remnant of the past time.

History and art is everywhere you look, you can feel it, touch it and be sure that it will boost your imagination in hyper drive.  It is rare opportunity to walk the same narrow streets of Florence, as the old masters have walked so many years before us. Everything looks so surreal, so big and magnificent. It is so easy to get lost in those lovely streets while the river of tourists pushes you out of their way. It is a clash of uber modern European life with old values and with timeless pieces that stand as a reminder of human achievements. One era long gone but with so much to offer, wisdom, aesthetics, art, architecture, sense of beauty and very exciting history. Once the center of the known world, economical giant and trendsetter, and all that destroyed by man`s everlasting desire to rule at any cost and by all means necessary. Simply put, this kind of grand beauty is, and will be unmatched by everything new and pop. There are many stories and legends of Medici and Pazzi family, the big rivalry which indirectly fueled the art, the renaissance and the wonderful sound of opera. The great masters, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli where at large, building the better world for you and me.

Today a paradox, a hectic tourist attraction, a fashion and food center with countless museums, priceless artifacts, incredible history and crumbling architecture. There is no privacy, no solace and simply not enough time to process all and to store life long memories, so don’t change a bit till we meet again, soon!

“Beauty awakens the soul to act”.

Dante Alighieri

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  1. I really enjoy watching Florence through your photos Maja! What a beautiful, magical place! The whole city is like a museum, you described its vibe so great! Your looks are fantastic and always classy and stylish, I love watching them on instagram!
    Keep travelling us through your photos and I can’t wait your post in Parga :))
    Much love,


  2. Amazing post! I love your writing, and the photos are So Stunning!

    Adi xx


  3. Beautiful photos Maja! I’ve been to Florence before and I loved seeing it again through your camera lense. Your outfits is simply beautiful. Love the pants the most, I wonder if you managed to keep them clean throughout the day:P


  4. Očaravajuće fotografije….


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