Bohemian Crusaders


Imagine late winter night, blizzard outside, snow is falling relentlessly yet you are in warm place, sitting in a corner and sipping a short drink while remembering a good old times. Bohemianism is the word, long forgotten meaning lost in this hectic world. Jazz legends, sound of trumpet and drums with deep vocal that tears through the thick cigarette smoke. Moonshine, prohibition, bootleggers, gangsters all together in undercover “speakeasies”. While hidden from the view those places offered stunning interiors, exotic carpets, chandeliers, expensive tobacco and generally something for everybody, because everybody wanted to be entertained and mingle with those interesting and bold people who think alike. There were people from all classes and in all skin colors, magnificent cocktail dresses, expensive jewelry, black tuxedos and everyone looking their best.

“Life is a lot like Jazz… It`s best when you improvise…”

During the great era of Bohemianism a first commercial radio station was introduced which sparked a popularity of Jazz. Not a day goes by without me thinking about those times, those split lives like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Saint and the sinner man. When the sun comes up again everybody goes back to their ordinary life waiting for another sleepless night – that was the circle of life. Daydreaming for the next night and for the next great adventure into the other side of our soul, the one that puts us in the first place because we need that intoxicating feeling, those ears full of jazz and every cell full of smoke. This is my tribute to all those people who made us what we are today, a true bohemian crusaders struggling to keep memories alive for generation to come.

“That’s the thing about jazz: it’s free flowing, it comes from your soul.”

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  1. fantastic shots, my dear…you look terrific


  2. Beautiful wring and photography.
    Let’s follow each other girl!


  3. You look gorgeous dear! Love the outfit and photos are incredible 🙂


  4. Fabulous look and stunning pictures! I also like relaxing music and this jazzy one is so calming.



  5. “Life is a lot like Jazz… It`s best when you improvise…”
    That is honestly a quote that I feel best describe my approach to almost everything.


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