Daily Routine

Everyday is something new, isn`t it?
Every single day I am daydreaming of nature and beauty that is around us, but reality is more like a movie script. We are constantly trying to change everything around us, but instead we are changing ourselves in the process. I enjoy endless walks in nature, green leafs and the humming warm wind that plays with my hair. This sounds like Utopia or lost Babylon, but it is in my nature, free being, far from concrete jungle. Streets are full of working class, heroes who fighting for their place under the Sun, trying to answer “big questions”. Beauty is in a small things, like eating almond ice cream and drinking ice tea on the hot day. Back to basics, that is the trend and a smart thing, so listen to your heart and take a break just for yourself somewhere in the “wild” together with the nature and I promise you that you will be free again.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

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  1. Utopia World 😀


  2. Beautiful post and Gorgeous photo.
    Love this !


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